CakePHP Development

Cakephp is one of the most well known open-source frameworks that is used for developing robust web applications. So, you must be wondering to hire Best CakePHP Framework For Commercial Application Company India. And here you are. We have a professional team of a web developer who develops high scaled and versatile web applications.

Do you know why this CakePHP is best for your business?

Because with this framework debugging is really simple, and it is easy to identify bugs from a web app. We help you to take full advantage of MVC (Model View Controller) structure and build a flexible, easy to use, mobile-friendly and feature-rich applications.

Menefer Technolabs is a one-stop CakePHP development company that helps you with all sorts of CakePHP development services from scratch.

For Commercial Application Listed features of CakePHP can help to build the outstanding web application to increase the engagement:

•          Cake PHP is registered for use in commercial applications under the MIT license.

•          Less coding and simple database configuration.

•          Authorization & built-in database.

•          The functionality of built-in validation.

•          Relational Mapping frameworks built-in objects.

•          CSRF protection

•          Flexible Caching

•          Flexible ACL

Menefer Technolabs offers Listed Services:

•          Cake PHP Web Development

•          Cake PHP Extension Development

•          Cake PHP Customization & Integration

•          Cake PHP CMS Development

•          Cake PHP Shopping Cart Development

•          Cake PHP Extension Development

Why Choose Us?

The free open-source quick development framework is used by Menefer Technolabs CakePHP Framework For Commercial Application Company India for the systemic work without compromising flexibility CakePHP, which is designed following the Ruby-on-Terms and licensed under MIT license, is based on software engineerings and software design practices such as convention-over-configuration and model-view-controller.

•          Speedy Development of Applications.

•          It’s just PHP4 & PHP5 compatible.

•          PHP Framework, Free Open Source.

•          Design and development of Easy Template.

•          No Configurations are necessary.

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